May 06, 2021, Belgium


Build your extrusion line with a brand new MAPRE extruder, this is a master buy !

The Smart Solution to Fit Into Your Extrusion Lines

To face the lack of appropriate second-hand extruders, the Gauder company added the MAPRE brand to its scope of supply.

Such heavy duty and reliable extruders are suitable to be integrated either in existing insulation and sheathing lines or combined with new or second-hand machines, from customer workshop or selected within the Gauder Group.

Ranging from 38 up to 150 mm with L/D ratio 25, these extruders are able to process high friction material such as HFFR / LSF0H as well as well-known PVC / PE / XLPE / PA / PUR compounds. Maintenance free, they offer perfect melt homogenization and high linear output.