May 06, 2021, Belgium


To purchase reliable and cost effective equipments the best alternative to new machines is GAUDER second-hand solutions

1000+ Second-hand Machines in Stock Immediately Available

Specialist in off-the-shelf second-hand machines, GAUDER (Liège, Belgium) develops and maintains a large and modern stock of 1000+ machines on 15,000 sqm premises as well as a fully equipped workshop for equipment reconditioning, reconfiguring and automation.

The Company has delivered more than 10,000 pre-owned machines throughout the world, including or not commissioning.





Sales - Worlwide

  • M. Stephane COLAS, sales manager
  • M. Jean-Pierre TOUSSAINT, sales manager


  • M. Thierry COLLARD, President



Gauder Group Belgium S.A.

Rue de la Révision, 93
4032 Chênée
VAT Number : BE 0413.263.055


Tel : +32 4 367 87 87

Fax : +32 4 367 87 98

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I have the great pleasure of announcing that Sampsistemi and Gauder Group New Machines Division are about to complete their transaction and will be operating as one in a very near future.

The new organization will be a true combination of equal strength, a joining of two extraordinary company with very similar size, culture and most important complementary best technological solutions, innovation to offer to the Wire and Cable industry, both for new equipment’s and services.

Joined company locations are, as well, highly complementary and will enable us to re-enforce our worldwide leadership. Sharing company location and being close to our customer is paramount to answer their immediate needs and serve them best using the forces the new company will bring.

Unlike other transactions that are premised on excessive cost cuts, this merger is about the opportunities to grow, both for our customers and for us. Combining Sampsistemi and SETIC-POURTIER-C2S, portfolio will offer best in class, still cost efficient, equipment and services solutions for the wire & Cable industry.

The transaction will combine Sampsistemi and Setic-Pourtier-C2S sales force. One of the most important success factor to provide a leading-industry experience to our customer is to keep using successfully Setic, Pourtier & C2S key’s collaborators talent and their respective expertise in our business. That is how the combined organization chart will be set up, the new management has already an enlightened approach to encourage each of you to personally be engaged and enjoy your work to growth with the new entity.

Let’s not forget Gauder Group second hand division. Even if not part of the acquisition, the successful synergy we have between new machines division and the second hand division will strongly remain.

The combination will take effect by the second part of 2018. At that time, we will be a firm of more than 500 employees, with locations around the world.

As the managing director of the new organization, I hope you will join us in celebrating this major milestone as it provides a tremendously exciting opportunity for our customers, you, and ourselves. We look forward to bringing to the wire & Cable industry a range of premium and innovative equipment, as well as a quality of service unmatched by any other competitors.

Yours Truly,

Thierry Collard.